The Space

The Youpibugs nursery is located in a large house with a courtyard and terrace. Its mission is to welcome children in an adapted and safe environment, while ensuring their overall well-being.

We welcome 27 children aged 3 months to 3 years divided into 3 groups:

  • Les Petits: from 3 to 14 months: 9 children
  • Les Moyens: from 14 to 20 months: 9 children
  • Les Grands: from 20 to 36 months: 9 children

A bubble of sweetness for the baby space:

This is the place of the first separation where the transaction is done gradually and the natural rhythm of the baby is respected. For this space, we paid particular attention, by arranging a floor dedicated to the little ones.

The little ones are thus protected from the falls of objects projected by the biggest ones and can lead their first discoveries sheltered from the more lively games of the big ones.

The space is well padded to give security and comfort.

Everything is on the same floor: the baby bottle, a room for babies called “not-moving babies” and another room dedicated to children able to move, a space to clean the kids, the dormitory and direct access to a large terrace.

The Space of the “Moyens” and “Grands”:

Help me to be myself

On the first floor are two sections specially designed and adapted to their ages, that of the means and that of the big ones.

If the weather is good, we have a garden of sandboxes and water and outdoor games.

The section of the big is organized “in corners” a corner of exchange, a corner of reading, a corner dinette, a corner activities manual and other temporary corners according to the themes of the day.

We offer to the child a place of life allowing the construction of his identity.

The Means section is organized in “corners” a corner of exchange, a soft corner, a corner with games according to the theme of the day. The rest of the room is free to meet the needs of the child who wants to discover the walk to recover, support and stand up to finally discover the walk …

Finally, on the ground floor is the dormitory.