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What Makes Us Special

At Youpibugs, every child is pampered, encouraged and supported in their development.
Our dedicated team creates a safe and stimulating environment where your child can grow, learn and flourish

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Dear (futur) parents,

we wish you a warm welcome to Youpibugs website.

Located in Ixelles, withing a big house, not far from the european institution, daycare Youpibugs host 3 sections of  27 kids from the end of the maternity leave to the school start date.

This small number of kids offer a family atmosphere to the daycare which is necessary for strong foundations for your kids.

This website will allow you to discove the story of Youpibugs, our pedagogical methodology and deployed ressources by the actors of our institution for each kid and family member.

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Pedagogical project

The serenity of the parents as well as a harmonious team atmosphere and a privileged place of life are essential, because the child is the main center of interest and the “engine” that gives life to the Space of Life at Youpibugs
Our raison d’être is based on our core values which are:


Respect is expressed by tolerance of diversity in both children and adults.
The educational team works to consider others without bias or judgment.
Management encourages the freedom of expression and initiative within its team as part of its educational line.

Well being

It means the development of the personality and the confidence of the child as well as the adult. The educational team will establish a relationship based on the pleasure of discovering and learning.
Management is committed to developing each person’s resources and talents as well as providing a motivating framework .


The ability to adapt is based primarily on observation. For the team and the management is to have an open mind to the difference .
It requires flexibility to accept other ideas , to see and do. But taking a step back is essential to keep the essentials in mind and to have common sense .


The communication requires the education team and management to understand each other and to share information based on the availability of openness to others and dialogue.
A daily exchange of information about children between parents and the educational team ensures good care based on trust and clear discourse.


The consistency is to give a balance and a harmony between the knowledge, the know-how and the being-know-how.
The team works in a common vision based on the pedagogical line under a logical and unified form in a team spirit.
Management sets the course, maintains and ensures the continuity of this shared vision.