The team

Children are supervised by a bilingual team of professionals and bicultural in sufficient number to allow activities.

The staff is composed

    • the director who assumes the administrative and technical responsibility of the daycare
    • a director who assumes the responsibility of the educational team the first contact with the parents the organization of the nursery and the good daily progress.
    • 4 nurses working in one part of our team speak English, French German and Dutch

Pediatric nurses are all graduates and competent in adequate number in accordance with the regulations in force. She also regularly trains by Kind en Gezin.

You will have the opportunity to meet during an appointment, the nurse of your child before the start of his care. This moment is the opportunity to get to know you and of course to discover your child. At Youpibugs, parents and children are our top priorities. We will always try to be flexible, keeping in mind how the community works. This balance is precious and preserves the well-being of your child and his playmates.
The team must be coherent, open and adaptable to new situations; hence the importance of exchanges and reflection during team meetings.

During the day, the professional must allow a balance between group life and individual care; Small group activities are organized to allow for more individualized attention.